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Stephen Akinsanya is the founder and CEO of Life of Focus. He has been in private practice as a criminal barrister for 29 years and has been a member of several high-profile law practices including Great James Street Chambers in London.


Stephen's youth work began almost 15 years ago when he took on the role as a Sunday school teacher at Croydon Community Church. His belief in the principle that, ‘Every young person has a gift waiting to be unearthed’, was the driving force for his passion to mentor and inspire all those years ago and he remains as passionate today.

He often shares with pride the experience of the very first mentee he worked with, now a successful Company Secretary in his early 30’s.

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​Our initiative benefits from the advise and expertise of several leaders in the field of youth offending, community engagement and education, social change.


Alison Cope - is an anti-violence campaigner who lost her son Joshua to knife crime in 2013. She has a major role in educating and supporting others in life beyond crime and the effects of violence and helps then see a future beyond negative experiences.


Wendy Dugba - Is a Counselling Psychologist with a passion for helping young people who feel disenfranchised from the world of work to develop an awareness of their strengths. Her expertise includes developing and establishing psychological services for young people who offend. 


Police Constable Nsikan Etuk - has been a Schools Officer in the Metropolitan Police for eighteen years and works with community groups to enact change for the benefit of the next generations.  


Martin Stevens - Author of Raising Up Role Models - a book that explores credible strategies that explore how we can reclaim our streets in order to rebuild our communities and to rescue our children

Dunia Shafik is the mother of a son who has been imprisoned for involvement in knife crime. Dunia is helping women engaged in tackling crime and violence to overcome burnout and achieve success. She is passionate about working in prisons and with those affected by violent crime. 

Since 2000, Stephen has been visiting schools and colleges to inspire, inform and impact the lives of young people in our communities. We are committed to investing our expertise, time, and resources. Stephen is driven by a single goal; to do his part in making the world a better place for all. We strive to build productive interactions with youth, families, and educators in order to make a positive impact. Just imagine what we can achieve together!


Our Vision

Stephen’s passion has intensified through his involvement as a defence barrister representing young people, many aged 12 to 21 charged with murder and manslaughter. The drama and intensity of the court room coupled with the unspoken fear of a murder trial is a message he is keen for all young people to hear. A moment of madness literally changing the course of not just that person’s life but all those connected to the tragic event.


Unfulfilled potential in a graveyard or behind prison bars for many years are the realities of the choice to carry a knife.  Unforeseen lives ruined through the decision.

A parent has contacted me as she recently attended a talk you gave on knife crime at one of our feeder primary schools, Belleville-Wix. Bolingbroke Academy is an 800 place mixed state secondary school and we would love to book you to come and speak to our pupils and parents. As we can’t fit the whole school in to one room we have assemblies on Friday and Monday mornings, if it is at all possible to book you for both that would be wonderful but if not a Monday morning would be the best option. 

I am sure you are incredibly busy so we would be very happy to book you some way in to the future if this suits you. 

Mrs E Samson,   PA to the Principal Bolingbroke Academy

It’s not too late to be the person you want to be!

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